Wildlife Control

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It’s a jungle out there…your property doesn’t have to be.

When it comes to enjoying the great outdoors, there is no greater thrill than seeing wildlife in your yard or in the forest, their quiet beauty providing a calming moment in our world of hectic days. These animals can quickly become pests as they ruin your landscape and cause structural damage.

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We Know Wildlife

Wild animals, like the opossum and raccoon, will destroy your yard and home. Raccoons will find crawl spaces within the structure of your home and build dens beneath your house. They can destroy insulation and rip shingles off roofs; they also carry a host of diseases which can make them dangerous aside of their mischievous antics. Possums, though naturally nomadic animals, will stay with their young in places where there is ample food and water. This unwanted guest has a similar diet to raccoons and getting rid of them can be difficult without professional help.

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Wildlife Pest Control Options

If you are having trouble with wildlife in your yard, contact EagleShield today! Our team of pest control experts are ready to handle your situation with practiced ease. We have helped many homeowners eliminate pests from their homes and we would love to do the same for you. Contact us today and start living a pest-free life!


We’ll come out every 2 months and spray your home or business. This is a popular choice for properties with medium/average pest threat.


Our most popular plan to fight against pest threats. This is our recommended plan to maintain a pest-free environment.