Dealing with freight, it’s important to have a bug-free zone because any loss of freight or damage caused by critters will result in loss of money and credibility. EagleShield will help you to preserve your freight quality and profit with our guaranteed superior service.

EagleShield has helped companies preserve their profit and reputation with our customized treatment plans. Rather than use a “one-size-fits-all” approach, we tailor our treatments acording to your property.

Integrated Pest Management


Our representatives will first determine the extent of the pest problem and find the best treatment plan for that specific pest.


After the best treatment has been selected, the EagleShield representative will implement a customized treatment plan for your business. During this phase, our mission is total protection from the targeted pest.


After we have eliminated the pest from your property, we offer our preventative treatment service that is tailored to your schedule so it is not disruptive to your operations.

Keep the Pests Away With Our Pest Control Expertise


Over the past decade, our pest control experts have refined our treatment designs and methods by staying informed on the best practices in the industry. We train all of our staff to always provide you with superior service.


When we commit to a job, you can be assured that it will be completed according to our standard of excellence. We not only emphasize results in our exterminations, but we continually strive to deliver the best customer service in the industry.


We design each treatment to be a balance of effectiveness and “greenness”. We strive to uphold sustainable practices while also providing excellent results for you.

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