Fly Control

Flies are a sign of poor sanitation, and can give people the wrong impression about your business.

Stay Fly-Free

As a business owner, the comfort of your employees and customers is likely high on your list of business priorities. The constant presence of flies in or around your building can contribute to a poor business reputation. To preserve or improve your company’s image, consider having EagleShield treat your business for effective pest control.


Flies can contaminate food and surfaces, resulting in wasted products and money lost. They can also spread disease among your employees and customers, resulting in a negative financial impact to your business. Additionally, some flies, like deer flies, will bite humans, so it is important to keep your company from being infested with flies.


General Fly Prevention Tips

Need a Pest Control Professional?

EagleShield’s team of certified professionals is here to clear out the presence of pests, including flies. Keeping your business free of pests is the mission to which we’ve been dedicated over the years. Maintaining our standard of excellence, our team of pest control experts will ensure that the job is done right the first time!

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