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EagleShield provides effective pest control services to residential and commercial properties in Fresno.

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Hey Fresno! EagleShield Pest Control is right here in your backyard, ready to deliver top-notch, environmentally friendly pest management solutions. We’re all about combining our pest control expertise with sustainable practices to keep your Fresno homes and businesses free from pesky intruders. With EagleShield, you’re choosing peace of mind and a commitment to safety and comfort.

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Pest Control Treatment Options


An ongoing, tailored defense strategy, providing continuous checks and treatments every two months to ensure a pest-free home.

One-Time Treatment

A swift, intensive solution targeting immediate ant issues, coupled with a follow-up check for ensured effectiveness.

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Termite Control Services in Fresno, CA

Fresno homes and businesses, beware of termites! But fear not, EagleShield is here to safeguard your property. With our comprehensive termite control services, including detailed inspections and targeted treatments, we’re here to protect your investment from these silent destroyers.

Bird Control Services in Fresno, CA

Birds are wonderful, but not when they’re causing a mess or damage. Our Fresno bird control services offer humane, effective solutions to keep birds at bay, protecting your property while respecting these feathered friends.

Cockroach Pest Control in Fresno, CA

Cockroaches in Fresno don’t stand a chance with EagleShield. We’re experts at rooting out roaches and keeping them out for good. With our specialized treatments, your space will remain clean, healthy, and cockroach-free.

What Pests Are Common in Fresno, CA?

The warm California climate in Fresno, CA is inviting not just to its residents but also to a range of pests:

  • Rodents: Seeking shelter and food.

  • Insects: From ants and cockroaches to the seasonal influx of mosquitos.

  • Spiders: Drawn indoors by other pests serving as food sources.

Fresno Pest Control Questions & Answers

Due to Fresno ‘s warm climate, quarterly pest control services are recommended for prevention.

Absolutely! EagleShield prioritizes the safety of all family members, including pets.

Yes, we provide eco-friendly treatments that are both effective against pests and gentle on the environment.

While results vary based on the infestation, most customers observe significant improvements within a week.

Yes, our commitment includes post-treatment visits to ensure ongoing protection.

Areas We Service

EagleShield is proud to provide California with professional treatment that’s safe for all families and homes. We service the following places:
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