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Targeting Termites With Eagle-Eye Accuracy

Drywood Termites

Drywood termites are non-subterranean, which means they do not need to nest in soil or near water. This type of termite lives and feeds on dry, undecayed wood that has little to no moisture, such as those found in homes.

Subterranean Termites

Subterranean termites need moisture to survive so they build their nests and mud tubes (underground tunnels) in soil or near water sources. This kind of termite builds termite colonies underground that are connected with mud tubes for quick travel. Using these mud tubes, subterranean termites access the wood structures of homes, even reaching up to the attic areas.

Termite Inspections

We include a termite inspection as part of our pest management services so our technicians can determine the extent of termite infestations. Seeing the full scope of a termite infestation lets our technicians recommend the optimal termite control solution as well as the best termite prevention plan.

The Trusted Termite Pest Control Company in Fresno, CA

EagleShield Pest Control provides comprehensive termite pest control services in Fresno, CA to protect your home and property from termite damage. Our experienced technicians are equipped with the latest tools and techniques to detect and eliminate termite infestations. We use a combination of treatments, including liquid termiticides, baits, and physical barriers, to effectively control termites and prevent future infestations. Our goal is to provide effective and long-lasting termite control solutions that are safe for your family and the environment. Call us today for a free inspection and quote, and take the first step in protecting your home and property from termites.

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Common Questions About Our Termite Treatments in Fresno

We get a lot of questions from customers, from termite baits and termiticides to whether an active ingredient in a termite treatment really kills termites. At EagleShield, our technicians are trained to treat termite infestations of all types, whether it’s around the perimeter of your property or inside your house. Browse the questions below and call us if you have any questions about termite traps, treatments, or other methods for getting rid of other pests.

A termite inspection is an inspection of all accessible parts of your property for signs of termites. At the end of a termite inspection, a termite control technician will provide you with a report on the termite inspection results.

Following a termite inspection, you’ll receive an inspection report that includes facts about termites, carpenter ants, carpenter bees, wood-destroying fungi, and wood-destroying beetles.

A termite inspection report also includes detailed information about the scope of any wood damage discovered during the termite inspection. These details can include observation about structural conditions that may have contributed to the infestation of termites or other wood-destroying pests.

Under California law, a pest management company cannot perform any termite treatment work on your property until three things have occurred:

  • A full or limited termite inspection has been completed
  • You’ve received a written inspection report with results.
  • A written contract has been signed.

If you’d prefer to get a fast quote, contact us! Following a limited inspection, you’ll receive your limited inspection report through your email or your mailbox.

Limited termite inspections are performed to either provide an approximate service estimate or examine a particular area of a structure. A limited inspection involves pest treatment for a particular location within a home or unit.

Full inspections are thorough inspections of an entire structure to determine the presence of wood-destroying pests or fungus, the scope of termite damage, and any conditions that may contribute to an infestation or infection.

Full inspections are also known as original reports and may be done for escrow transactions and routine maintenance inspections for a property or structure. An inspection fee is charged for all original reports. Other types of inspection reports include supplemental reports and reinspection reports.

The best types of termite baits have either fipronil, imidacloprid, or chlorantraniliprole as an active ingredient.

EagleShield’s pest professionals use powerful solutions with either of these active ingredients to treat problems with termites and increase your protection against future termites and property damage caused by termites.

Termiticides are chemical pesticide products that are specially formulated to kill termites discovered in wood. Since they last longer than if you used bait for termites, liquid termiticides are preferable for getting rid of termites and preventing future infestations. Because different species of termites can live in either wood or soil, a variety of measures can be used to handle termites.

Once professionals properly identify signs of termite damage, they will spray termiticide chemicals and insecticide treatments around the perimeter of your property, near the foundation, and on the ground around your home. Once the termites come into contact with the insecticide or pesticide chemical, they will die. Termiticides are also designed to spread the toxic pesticide chemical throughout the entire termite colony.

Common DIY methods for getting rid of termites include applying termiticides to the foundation and exterior and interior surfaces of your house, setting up bait traps for termites, and spraying boric acid on your floors and walls.

To get rid of subterranean termites, our pest technicians set up termiticide barriers and either trench around the perimeter of your home and treat or rod and treat. Insecticide bait traps for termites infect these bugs with toxins that fill their nest and kill the entire colony of termites.

It can be difficult to destroy a termite colony if you aren’t sure which insecticide to use or how to identify which particular type is in your home. One general tip to prevent termites is to eliminate as much wood-to-earth contact as possible. Also, avoid even low to moderate levels of moisture beneath your home.

DIY termite baits can be effective, but hiring professional termite services like EagleShield is the best method to protect your home from termites. Our knowledge and experience mean that the pesticides we choose to apply will last longer and will be more effective than DIY solutions.

We highly recommend full termite treatment for your home since there are often numerous colonies of termites and queens. A full treatment for termites ensures that all entry points and areas with a tendency for termites are treated for sufficient termite control.

On average, termite treatments last about five years, although liquid termite treatments last longer. Termite bait stations only last a year and need to be changed annually. Whether you want to protect a specific area (like a trench) or have a large nest of termites in your home or construction site, hundreds of local residents trust our services to keep their homes free from pests.

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Protect Your House With Additional Pest Treatment Services

When it comes to treating termites, we don’t just spray termiticide around a trench, foundation, or soil and call the job done. We work with you on an ongoing schedule to protect your home (and all the wood in it) from infestations.

In addition to our professional termite control services, our technicians provide prompt, proven treatment services that protect your home from insects, wildlife, and other unwanted critters in your home. EagleShield is committed to providing top-quality treatment and protection against termites so you don’t have to worry about termite damage.


Roaches are one of the most common pests that EagleShield has treated over the years. Although roaches aren’t particularly hostile or aggressive toward humans, their presence indicates infestations and numerous bacteria.


If you’re dealing with ants in your home or office, EagleShield can help you! We offer professional ant pest control service options that eliminate ants from your home and keep them away for good.


Rats and mice are other critters we deal with at EagleShield. Homeowners and business owners alike trust our company to protect their house, property, construction site, and materials from the damage caused by rodent infestations.


Similar to our treatment for termites, we start our wildlife treatments with a quote from one of our professional technicians. Learn more about how our wildlife control service can help your home or construction site.


Buzzing is a great sound for a haircut – not so much around your home. If you’re dealing with a large number of annoying wasps, give us a call. We’ll provide a free quote that’s perfect for you and make your home “buzz-free” for good.

Bed Bugs

As we like to say, “beds are for humans, not for bed bugs.” If you’re constantly dealing with mysterious bites and itchy welts all over your body after you wake up, give EagleShield a call! We’re here to help you say bye-bye to bed bugs.


Fleas, fleas, fleas. They ride on your dog and your clothes into your home and cause you and your loved ones to deal with unbearable itches and bites. If you want to say goodbye to a flea-bitten home, give us a call today!


There are over 300,000 kinds of beetles in the world, and when you’re dealing with beetle problems, it can seem like every one of them is in your home. Our beetle pest control protects your property from beetle-related damage so you can feel “at home” in your home again.


Our professional technicians are trained to apply leading pesticide and insecticide treatments in infested areas so you’re spider-free at last. If you have been dealing with spiders, call us or email us today so you can live in a spider-free home.