Shelter and large amounts of food and water are a combination that attracts pests into your facility. Providing a safe environment in which students can learn and be safe is important for all schools and keeping pests out is one example of a health issue. EagleShield can help you protect the health of your staff and students by ensuring that your premises is free from the bacteria and germs that come with pests like cockroaches and ants.

At EagleShield, we provide total protection and guarantee superior service. We have worked with thousands of Californians to secure their homes and businesses from all kinds of pests and our mission is still the same: excellence in service and results.

Integrated Pest Management for Healthier Schools

The Healthy Schools Act, passed in 2000, protects children’s safety and well-being in schools and childcare centers by encouraging these facilities to adopt effective, low-risk pest management practices. This integrated pest management (IPM) approach prohibits certain pesticides and treatment methods from being used in California schoolsites. It requires pest control companies to specify the chemicals and pest treatment methods used on the premises. At EagleShield, we offer integrated pest management services to California schoolsites. We will work with you to implement an integrated pest management plan for your facility and fulfill the appropriate documentation and reporting requirements. Contact us today to receive integrated pest management services for your property!

Integrated Pest Management


When an EagleShield representative visits your business, they will determine the extent and cause of the pest issue. Our representative will then determine the best treatment for total protection and excellent results.


After the best treatment has been selected, the EagleShield representative will implement a customized treatment plan for your business. During this phase, our mission is total protection from the targeted pest.


After the targeted pest has been controlled, our representative will then discuss any tips for prevention in the future and offer our continual monitoring services to you.

Keep the Pests Away With Our Pest Control Expertise


With over 10 years of experience in the pest control industry, we have developed a reputation for excellent results and professionalism.


RESULTS-DRIVEN We are committed to providing all of our clients with superior results and complete satisfaction.


We design each treatment to be a balance of effectiveness and “greenness”. We strive uphold sustainable practices while also providing excellent results for you.

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