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Let Birds Fly Away, Not Customers

EagleShield Pest Control provides professional bird pest control services in Fresno, CA to protect your property from the damage and health hazards posed by bird infestations. Our experienced technicians use a combination of physical and chemical controls, including bird netting, spikes, and repellents, to effectively manage bird populations and prevent them from nesting on your property. We understand the importance of balancing the need to control bird populations with the need to preserve wildlife, and our goal is to provide effective and humane bird control solutions. Call us today for a free inspection and quote, and take the first step in protecting your property from bird pests.


Birds, like pigeons, will leave their droppings on the sidewalks, cars, and buildings around your own building, turning the area into an eyesore. At EagleShield, we offer pest control for birds, as well as other kinds of pests. We use methods like exclusion to effectively remove birds from your property, without damaging you or your clients’ property.


General Bird Prevention Tips:

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EagleShield’s team of trained and certified professionals are trained to eliminate all pests, including birds. By practicing methods that are safe for your business and the birds, we make sure that both your company and your birds are treated with respect. If you are sick of seeing bird droppings or dealing with unwanted birds, contact Eagle Shield and let us help you!

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