Beetles Pest Control

There are millions of different types of insects and beetles. It’s important to know what’s inhabiting your property.
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Too much beetle juice?

With over 300,000 species of beetles, these insects are certainly a diverse group; in fact, beetles account for 40 percent of all insects. With this diversity among beetles, it comes as no surprise that there are varying diets, habits, and behaviors among beetles.


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Beetles are typically active during the day and the night. They typically dwell where they are closest to their preferred food source.


Depending on the type of beetle, you can find beetles in various areas throughout your home. Cigarette beetles and saw-toothed grain beetles feed on tobacco, nuts, and fruits so they are likely to be found in the kitchen. But other beetles, like the carpet beetles, will live in carpet where food and other contaminants are present.


While most beetles are harmless, some beetles can be be destructive to your property. For instance, the carpet beetle eats natural fibers like wool, feathers, cashmere, nectar, and pollens. These beetles leave holes in your clothes, similar to moths, or eat at your carpet or rugs.



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Beetle Pest Control Options

If you find yourself with a beetle infestation, it is best to have a professional pest control expert help you. EagleShield is an expertly trained team that will eliminate all pests, including beetles, from your home. Contact us today and stop your home from being infested by beetles!


We’ll come out every 2 months and spray your home or business. This is a popular choice for properties with medium/average pest threat.


Our most popular plan to fight against pest threats. This is our recommended plan to maintain a pest-free environment.