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Spiders are often more of a nuisance than a danger, but their presence can be unsettling. Their webs can be unsightly, and some species pose a venomous threat. When you partner with EagleShield for spider control:

  • Initial Assessment: Our experts will identify species, points of entry, and the primary sources of attraction.

  • Customized Treatments: Based on the assessment, we use specialized treatments to reduce the existing spider population.

  • Post-Treatment Care and Monitoring: To ensure your property remains spider-free, we offer regular monitoring and touch-up treatments as needed.

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"I called EagleShield because we were seeing spiders and ants around our home. The serviceman Richie was very professional and thorough with the job. I was glad to see him cleaning webs before spraying. I will be requesting him again next time."

Flexible Treatment Options


An ongoing, tailored defense strategy, providing continuous checks and treatments every two months to ensure a pest-free home.

One-Time Treatment

A swift, intensive solution targeting immediate ant issues, coupled with a follow-up check for ensured effectiveness.

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EagleShield’s Approach to Preventing Pest Problems:

  • Safe Pest Removal: We prioritize the safety of your household and environment, employing spider control methods that are effective yet gentle.

  • Experienced Exterminators: Our team, with their in-depth knowledge of various spider species, ensures each treatment is optimal for the species at hand.

  • Protection from Pest-Related Hazards: Some spiders, like the Black Widow or Brown Recluse, have venomous bites. Our comprehensive approach ensures that you’re protected from potential spider threats.

How Did I Get Spiders?

Factors contributing to spider infestations include:

  • Abundant Prey: An increase in insects like flies or mosquitoes can attract spiders.

  • Clutter: Unused items or spaces offer hiding spots for spiders.

  • Sheltered Spots: Gaps, cracks, or external fixtures like lighting can provide ideal places for spiders to build webs.

  • Seasonal Changes: Certain times of the year, especially during fall, can bring spiders indoors.

  • Natural Habitats: If your property is near a field, forest, or garden, it may naturally attract more spiders.

FAQs About Spiders

No, most spiders are harmless, and only a few species have venom that can harm humans.

Fall is mating season for many spider species, leading to increased indoor sightings as they seek shelter.

Reducing clutter, sealing cracks, and maintaining cleanliness can help. Also, essential oils like peppermint can act as natural deterrents.

Yes, if a female spider finds a secure spot, she might lay eggs, leading to a rise in spider population indoors.

Depending on the severity of infestation, bi-monthly or quarterly treatments are generally effective.

Areas We Service

EagleShield is proud to provide California with professional treatment that’s safe for all families and homes. We service the following places:
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