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Compared to other infestations, ants can undermine the foundation of your home, making pathways through your walls and disrupting the peace of your household. We offer ant pest control in San Francisco and Los Angeles to safeguard your home throughout the year. Our approach is swift in action and enduring, ensuring ants are deterred from invading your home in between sessions.

When you partner with our California pest control company for ant control, we will:

  1. Dispatch a seasoned ant extermination specialist to your residence to deliver top-notch service.
  2. Undertake a comprehensive ant inspection to spot zones of infestation and entry corridors.
  3. Design a tailored treatment strategy to shield you and your loved ones.
  4. Address current ant invasions using minimally intrusive solutions.
  5. Set up bait stations around your home for preemptive ant control.
  6. Revisit for complimentary re-application if you’re not satisfied with our performance.

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"I called EagleShield because we were seeing spiders and ants around our home. The serviceman Richie was very professional and thorough with the job. I was glad to see him cleaning webs before spraying. I will be requesting him again next time."

Flexible Treatment Options


An ongoing, tailored defense strategy, providing continuous checks and treatments every two months to ensure a pest-free home.

One-Time Treatment

A swift, intensive solution targeting immediate ant issues, coupled with a follow-up check for ensured effectiveness.

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Safe Ant Removal

Prioritizing safety and effectiveness, EagleShield Pest Control’s approach to ant control is designed to be minimally invasive. Our state-certified ant exterminators, when treating the confines of your home, employ ant baits sealed within secure stations. This ensures not only the safety of your family and pets but guarantees a method that’s proven to work against ant infestations.

Excellence Delivered by Proficient Exterminators

Beyond employing reduced-risk products and superior preventive ant control techniques, we take immense pride in our commitment to regular upskilling of our exterminators. Our ant control professionals, ensuring top-notch service in regions like San Francisco and Los Angeles, consistently participate in training programs. This commitment to continuous learning ensures that every time an EagleShield exterminator visits your home, they leverage the most cutting-edge techniques and top-tier products to ensure your absolute satisfaction.

Shield Your Home from Ant-Related Hazards

The intrusion of ants, though seemingly minuscule, can lead to significant concerns. These tiny invaders can cause structural damage, not to mention the discomfort of having an infested home. Thankfully, with EagleShield Pest Control at your service, these worries can be laid to rest. Offering ant control in the broader California regions, our objective is to thoroughly eradicate ants from your premises and ensure they don’t come marching back.

How Did I Get Ants?

Ants are constantly in search of food and shelter. Common reasons they may be drawn to your home include:

  • Food Sources: Even the tiniest crumbs or residues of sugary substances can attract a horde.
  • Water Access: Leaky pipes or areas of standing water provide a perfect hydration point.
  • Entry Points: Cracks, gaps, or even open windows can be gateways for these tiny invaders.
  • Nesting Areas: Piles of wood, mulch, or any cluttered spaces can provide nesting grounds.

It’s important to remember that ants are skilled survivors. While their presence can be distressing, with EagleShield by your side, they won’t stay for long.

FAQs About Ants

When you think of ant pest control, you may think only of pesticides. However, there are many forms of ant pest control that can be used to treat pests on your property, including:

  • Physical pest control methods: This method involves the use of physical pest control tactics like traps to capture and deter larger pests like rodents.
  • Chemical pest control methods: This is the most popular form of pest control, relying on insecticides, commercial-grade pesticides, and other poisons designed to kill pests and prevent their return.
  • Cultural pest control methods: A more natural method of pest control, cultural pest control refers to seed treatments, weeding, and other methodologies aimed at creating an environment that’s undesirable to pests.

Biological pest control methods: In this advanced form of pest control, a pest’s natural predator is used to detect and eliminate it. For example, a chicken would be used to treat grasshoppers and nematodes (roundworms).

Although there are many DIY pest control methods that work for homeowners on a budget, sometimes pest problems need a professional solution. 

Pest control professionals treat moderate to severe pest problems using specialized chemicals, high-grade pesticides, and other treatments that are only available to licensed technicians.

The active ingredients that are most commonly found in these advanced pest treatments include:

  • Pyrethrin and pyrethroids: Derived from chrysanthemum flowers, these ingredients are non-toxic to humans and animals, but cause paralysis and slow death in insects.
  • Piperonyl butoxide: Unlike the previous two chemicals, this active ingredient is toxic to humans and animals in excess amounts, but is harmless when in small amounts. Pest professionals are trained to prevent toxic poisoning while using treatments with this active ingredient.

Fipronil: Used in either liquid or powder form, this active ingredient destroys the central nervous system of insects like termites, fleas, cockroaches, ants, crickets, beetles, and weevils.

Pest control is often considered to be a one-off service that guarantees no pests will return to the treated area. However, professional pest technicians understand that the best form of pest control is integrated pest management. 

Integrated pest management (IPM) employs preventative and corrective measures to identify, eliminate, and control pests on an ongoing basis.

While one-off services seem cheaper, procrastinating until “you really need” pest control will ultimately drive your costs higher. As the saying goes, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. 

With integrated pest management, professional pest control technicians treat pests before they become a problem, saving you the money that you’d spend fixing a horrible infestation.

Most professional pest control technicians adhere to the following process when performing pest control on your property:

  • Identify the pests and their environment.
  • Establish pest monitoring rules based on species.
  • Determine an action threshold for the pest.
  • Implement pest control tactics after an evaluation.
  • Monitor the impacted area, evaluate, then document results.

There are numerous factors that are considered by professionals when determining the cost for pest control services:

  • Pest type: While some pests can be downright simple to treat and control, other pests (like an infestation of bedbugs) can require in-depth treatment.
  • Area accessibility: Treating ant nests in a yard can be relatively straightforward for a pest technician. However, hard-to-reach areas that are difficult for pest control techs to navigate require more treatment and more of a technician’s time.

Infestation size: A significant cost factor for pest control services is the size of the problem. Treating a single wasp nest is fairly simple,but a termite infestation will demand more treatment from a pest control technician.

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