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Encountering ants, either in your home or office, is never a good experience. Even after you kill ants, there is always the worry that there are more lurking unseen in the crevices of your surroundings. While there is always the option to step on the ants as you discover them, it is helpful to know how to properly eliminate these little pests from your environment, whether in your home, school, or office.


When ants infest your home, they leave a pheromone trail that guides other ants along the same path. If an ant encounters a food source, they – and other ants – will use that pheromone trail to journey between their colony and that food source. Often, ants will have multiple colonies, known as satellite colonies, that make it easier to gather food for the colony. These satellite colonies also mean that you will usually not be able to get rid of an infestation by destroying one colony.

Different species of ants prefer various environments, but will often nest anywhere with an adequate food source. Some ants, like carpenter ants, make their nests in the rotting or moist wood of a tree or doorframe. Crazy ants can create their nests inside the walls of a home, making them difficult to treat effectively without professional assistance. Other species of ants, like allegheny and argentine ants, rarely invade houses but instead create huge and intricate colonies that can make any yard unsightly.
Typically, ants are omnivores, eating anything from engine oil to other ant species. However, leafcutter ants only eat a derivative fungus that they grow from masticated (chewed up) leaves. Also, army ants are carnivorous, preying on worms, spiders and lizards.
  • Control the clutter in your yard or home – it serves as a great spot for pests to nest.
  • Get rid of all drips and puddles of water – these can rot, moisten, or corrode structures.
  • Trim trees and shrubbery so they are not paths into your home.
  • Seal as many gaps and cracks in your home’s exterior as possible.

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