The Puzzle Effect: How Clovis is Using Art to Create Community and Economic Growth

Clovis, California, is a small city of just over 100,000 people in Fresno County, located in the San Joaquin Valley of California. It is a diverse community that is rapidly growing. While the city continues to expand, economic development has lagged behind in some areas of the city, resulting in an uneven distribution of resources. The city has been actively striving to create alternatives for both economic development and community engagement, most notably through the establishment of a unique initiative termed the “Puzzle Effect.” By leveraging the use of art, both to spark economic benefits and to connect diverse communities, the Puzzle Effect is helping to build a more unified and prosperous Clovis. Learn more here.

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The Puzzle Effect: How Clovis is Using Art to Create Community and Economic Growth 2

The Puzzle Effect has been an initiative spearheaded by the Clovis Arts Council, which aims to bring art and design to the forefront of the city’s civic and economic development. The effort began in 2017 when the Clovis Arts Council commissioned two local artists to develop a mural titled “The Puzzle of Clovis.” The mural, which was installed on the side of the Clovis Public Library, went on to become an iconic visual representation of the city, featuring colorful and intricate pieces that come together to form an abstract image of the city’s streets, buildings and people. This public art installation served as the catalyst for a new wave of artistic expression in the city, spawning numerous other creative projects and installations. This includes the Puzzle Effect Hub, a website dedicated to providing information about local events as well as resources for budding artists, musicians, and other creatives in the city. It also includes the Puzzle Effect App in order to better promote upcoming events and display images of art around the city. Learn more about The Wonders of the Downing Planetarium in Clovis, California.