Rodents Control

Rodents, like rats and mice, pose health threats and cause structural damage. With EagleShield, you can say goodbye to these rodents.
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Sick of the rat-race? We’ll help.

Rodents, like rats and mice, have been a continual plague to humanity for centuries, bringing disease and rampant destruction with them. Finding rodents in your home is a horrifying experience, causing you much anxiety and frustration.


Prevention Starts With Education


Rodents typically find their way into homes while they are searching for food. They typically emerge at night, when there is the smallest chance of discovery. While not naturally aggressive, rodents may attack humans if they are cornered.


The rodents that are most common in homes are there because of the warmth and food, though there are some rodents that prefer attics, trees, and roofs.


Rodents are omnivores, eating grains, nuts, fruits, vegetables, and the occasional bug or small animal.


Rat & Mice Prevention tips:

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Cockroach Pest Control Options

Our pest control options are flexible and tailored to your individual home or business’ pest threat.


We’ll come out every 2 months and spray your home or business. This is a popular choice for properties with medium/average pest threat.


Our most popular plan to fight against pest threats. This is our recommended plan to maintain a pest-free environment.