Our Approach to Humane Animal Trapping and Community Safety

At EagleShield, we deeply care about the well-being of our community and animals. Our primary goal is to trap and remove wildlife from school grounds to protect children from fleas and disease. Our traps are humane and cause no physical harm, with cameras and motion sensors ensuring immediate response when an animal is trapped.

Part of our licensing involves wildlife trapping. Cats are not considered wildlife. However, there are times when we are trapping wildlife that a cat is caught. These cats are immediately released.

When we get calls related to fleas, we look to determine the source. The majority of the time, the source of fleas is cats. When it is necessary to trap and release a cat, here is our procedure:

  1. We have cameras on every trap (or they are checked multiple times per day).
  2. We immediately respond to animals trapped because we have motion sensors on the cameras.
  3. We trap and release all cats, removing them from a school campus or HOA.

Our goal is to remove the source from the site without causing harm. We adhere to IPM standards, the highest level of pest control, and all our practices comply with regulations. We understand that organizations like Fresno Humane and others are not able to step foot on school grounds due to legal concerns.

We all own pets ourselves and are passionate about their welfare. If you or know of any organization that is willing to work with us in re-homing these cats, please email us at info@eagleshieldpc.com. We would be happy to work with any rehabilitation group to place these cats in a safe and healthy environment.

We are committed to our community, the environment, and safety. In fact, we just joined the Clean Stormwater Partners program for a No Spray Day initiative. You can read more about our commitment to eco-friendly pest control here.

We understand the importance of these issues and are committed to compassionate solutions. We look forward to partnering with local shelters and groups to improve our approach. If you have any more questions or would like to chat further, please reach out to us directly. We appreciate your input and are here to help.

Brad Kendrick, COO

P.S., here’s a picture of me and Mila…

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