Gordon, CA: Home of the Petrified Forest

Gordon is a small unincorporated community in northern California. Gordon was once home to the world-renowned Petrified Forest, about two hundred yards from Gordon’s borders. Gordon has many natural attractions and rich history. Gordon has one school, one gas station, and two grocery stores open for business today! Gordon is a small town in Placer County located just outside the Auburn State Recreation Area. Gordon may be best known for its Petrified Forest, which features petrified redwood stumps and other fascinating pieces of history from an ancient forest that once grew here millions of years ago. Visitors to Gordon can stop by the visitor center daily during the summer months, where they will get information on activities ranging from hiking to kayaking along Clear Creek or touring historic buildings, including The White Mansion Bed & Breakfast Inn, one of several businesses housed in buildings dating back more than one hundred years. Gordon, California Gordon is home to the world-famous Petrified Forest. Visitors can find many remnants of early man in caves and rock shelters throughout Gordon County Park. Gordon is a beautiful town in California. The National Monument and the Gordon River are two popular attractions that visitors can enjoy in this beautiful city. Learn more here.

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Gordon, CA: Home of the Petrified Forest 2

This park houses many different fossils and stones found in Gordon, such as petrified wood and jasper. There are guided tours given daily through the park, which provide information on the fossils and rocks you will encounter in your search. Today you can still visit Gordon if you want to see what life used to be like there or explore some other area landmarks instead. Learn more about All You Need to Know About Clovis, CA.