Clovis – Big Dry Creek Museum in Clovis, CA

The Clovis – Big Dry Creek Museum in Clovis, California, is a unique destination offering visitors a captivating glimpse into a unique area of the Central Valley known as Clovis. Located in the heart of Clovis, California, the Clovis – Big Dry Creek Museum is a must-see destination for anyone interested in local history. Learn information about Clovis, CA.

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The museum is housed in a single-story building constructed in 2005 and originally designed as a local history museum. Now, the museum focuses on many aspects of the area’s past. A journey through the museum is an exploration of the natural, historical, and cultural aspects of the area’s heritage. The museum’s exhibits focus on a number of aspects of the natural environment, including the local waterways, wildlife, wetland habitats, and the native flora and fauna of the area.  One of the most popular exhibits at the museum is the “Big Dry Creek” exhibit. This exhibit focuses on the exploration of the area’s long-standing water resource, the Big Dry Creek. It includes a display of actual artifacts from the creek bed, as well as a timeline of how the stream has changed over time. The museum also provides a view of the historical development of the area. The region was home to a number of Native American tribes, many of which used the area’s resources to sustain their way of life. Several of their artifacts are present in the museum, including arrowheads, tools, pottery, jewelry, and other relics. Discover facts about Gettysburg Park in Clovis, CA.