Birds can deface your business and cause structural damage with their nests. We’re your shield against them.

Let Birds Fly Away, Not Customers

The exterior of your building is very important for your business because it affects how you are viewed by clients and other businesses. If your building is clean and polished, your business will appear to be respectable, producing excellent work or quality services. On the other hand, if your business, is filthy or lined with bird excrement, your business will be viewed as sloppy or as offering inferior services.

Birds, like pigeons, will leave their droppings on the sidewalks, cars, and buildings around your own building, turning the area into an eyesore. At EagleShield, we offer pest control for birds, as well as other kinds of pests. We use methods like exclusion to effectively remove birds from your property, without damaging the property of you or your clients.

General Bird Prevention Tips

  • Add obstructions to your roof to ward off nests and the occasional perching bird
  • Keep trash cans covered
  • Trim trees

Need a Pest Control Professional?

EagleShield’s team of trained and certified professionals are trained to eliminate all pests, including birds. By practicing methods that are safe for your business and the birds, we make sure that both your company and your birds are treated with respect. If you are sick of seeing bird droppings or dealing with unwanted birds, contact Eagle Shield and let us help you!