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Your Shield Against Pests

Feeling frustrated because of pests in your home and business? Contact EagleShield and let us eliminate those pests from your property! With established offices in both Southern California and Northern California, EagleShield has exterminated pests from the homes of thousands of Californians. We pride ourselves on a reputation of excellence among fellow Californians like those in Antelope Valley and the rest of Los Angeles County.

Our technicians will meet with you to discuss the pest problem and then implement a targeted treatment plan tailored to your property’s characteristics. After making sure that you’re satisfied with their work, our technicians will offer you the option of regular preventative treatments to ensure that you never have another pest problem again!

Why Eagleshield Is The Best Choice For You

Commitment to the

All of our treatments are the result of a combination of environmental awareness and focused effectiveness. While we emphasize effectiveness and excellent results, we also strive to maintain sustainable practices.


Licensed by the Structural Pest Control Board, each EagleShield technician also undergoes regular advanced training to ensure that they are equipped with the cutting-edge knowledge and methods necessary to provide you with the best service in the industry!


Our excellent service doesn’t stop at a job well done! After we have eliminated the pests from your property, you will be offered the option of scheduling preventative treatments that are designed to prevent future infestations.

Meet Your Pest Expert

We hire the best, just for you. All of our pest technicians are licensed, trained and certified. You’ll be greeted with a smile, every time.

Rest assured, you’re in good hands.

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